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:: The wards which had to be closed were a mixture of general medical wards orthopaedic and a stroke ward:: In the end I skived off to a side street and made myself as inconspicuous as possible so I could get up to date:: The entire nightmare could have been avoided had he kept comprehensive documentation of his dealings with the plaintiffs:: The controller general tried to put an end to the dispute by having the chancellor overrule the court and undo its modifications:: The conversion of the British polytechnics into universities is parallel to the move by some community colleges to offer a workforce bachelors degree:: If he flunks the test the letter of credit is dissolved:: The children who were 7 years old were asked to compare their new primary school experiences with those from their kindergartens :: The next year Warren was sent to board at All Souls school in Charters Towers:: It was the first Nonconformist chapel in the area:: the science curriculum:: she borrowed a book from the library:: In making these points Edwards had the backing of the mechanistic and deterministic Newtonian physics of his day:: He was awarded five honorary doctorates by universities two in the US and three in Britain:: Some used to throw chalk or even the blackboard rubber at you if you wouldnt stop talking she says:: They could also optionally list the high school and college if they are graduate students that they attended as well as their phone number hometown homepage and picture:: My idea is to divide my time doing practice in the mornings and evenings and then to do either written or oral translations during the day:: The depth of the cuts in higher education have prompted protests from those on college campuses :: While the network is years away from establishing a primetime schedule complete with its own brand of original programming PAX is making inroads:: :: Many people skip the traditional breakfast and lunch:: The plays fall into the categories of history tragedy comedy and tragicomedy:: They divided 100 students into groups of 25 and a tutor was assigned to each group:: He lectured and assisted with tutorial sessions and began to take an interest in statistical ideas:: The vacancies at the top with just two deputy commissioners managing the show has slowed down the administration:: Upon completion of compulsory service each soldier is assigned to a reserve unit:: At its most basic canyoning is following a river along its course through a gulley:: To me he is the British answer to Chekhov:: In the final analysis the national museums are the only custodians of these treasures
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