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:: As we headed south across the keel towards the bow we swam over the turbines in the exposed engineroom:: Hillocky and small hillocky swamps with numerous lakes channels and streams are widely distributed throughout the reserve:: For the next 15 days she looked for his body in ravines and morgues on hillsides and in rivers:: This may explain in part why this is occurring on many hillsides or hilltops :: Below my window theres an apple tree in blossom :: Still the film exhilarates and has the breezy hipster tone that these filmmakers are gradually perfecting:: Slight vapoury clouds sailed smoothly over the clear sky scarcely obscuring the sun and at times a downpour of rain fell suddenly in sheets and was as quickly over:: Today you would need a battery of electronic equipment to measure the difference in noise and vibration between say a Focus and a Mondeo:: stone walls provide shelter from wind and weather:: In the meantime both sides claim battle victories war reports conflict and contradict and the casualty toll is rising:: The owner clearly knows what she likes for she has given the entire space over to two species planted in tubs sunflowers and tomatoes:: This is a more upbeat way of looking at the regions temperature which can fall to 51 Celsius in a sixmonth sunless winter:: Weeds reduce yields by competing with crops for water nutrients and sunlight :: The pupils were black and surrounding them was a ring of clear blue:: When a current flows through a wire a circular magnetic field is created around it:: Its descriptive title calls it a sixbranched form based on nature but at the same time the composition recalls both Asian mandalas and the sunburst motif popular in design of the time:: For gamblers used to the relative calm of Las Vegas the feeding frenzy in Macao can be a bit of a shock:: The air was full of goodnatured chaff and badinage between persons who had never seen each other before and never expected to again:: Access to the river will be opened by a waterfront promenade :: If you want to be independent go to any promontory headland or peninsula that has deep water close inshore and allows you to stand on a cliff a good height above water level:: That dedication allows AGP to be a lowcost supplier to industry users of soybean oil and meal :: Ali led the way to a place where the river meandered away from the road looping around a tall stand of deciduous forest that stood alone like an island:: But all this variety and good looks wouldnt amount to a hill of slush without some solid control:: The site is easy to dive in most conditions except when easterly or southerly gales prevail:: Its not like taking a wee chunk out of one of the thousands bobbing around the solar system is some kind of cosmic vandalism:: Other historical milestones are also being achieved commercially such as the successful mission of two Russian cosmonauts to the space station Mir beginning in April 2000:: While it is important to note the mutuality of aid among the three estates it is equally important to note that social ordering like the ordering of the cosmos as a whole was firmly hierarchical:: relief team
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