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adjudge (Verb) - /ad·judge/ - /əˈjəj/

adjudge: mapagkaisahan

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English to English meaning of 'adjudge'

1. declare to be; "She was declared incompetent"; "judge held that the defendant was innocent"

Synonyms of 'adjudge'

judge, adjudicate, arbitrate, decide, determine, referee, rule (on), settle, umpire

Examples of 'adjudge'

1. It is wrong to adjudge one's conduct on the basis of his or her style of living. Read Article
2. Just to hazard a guess, polls will soon be released showing that people adjudge the GOP responsible for the default. Read Article
3. Here enters social activist Mrs Kamdar played by veteran Deepti Naval to adjudge the matter. Read Article
4. True, the trial process is under way and it would be premature and unfair to adjudge them guilty. Read Article
5. Tabarak mistimed a ball and pushed it for an easy catch and Ehsan Khan was adjudge LBW when the score was on 81. Read Article
6. The court adjudged the contract to be fraudulent.
7. <his version of what had happened was generally adjudged to be completely fictitious>

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