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Hookworm - (cacing tambang) :: It eliminates the tissue stages of heartworms and also removes and controls adult and immature stages of hookworms

Linnet - (linnet) :: Dried redshank seeds were eaten by the sparrows and linnets

Ray - (ray) :: A yellow ray of flowers appears on a long fleshy hollow stem

Grasshopper - (belalang) :: In Thailand openair markets sell silkworms grasshoppers and water bugs by the pound

Sloth - (kemalasan) :: The wandering soul has countless names many of them suggestive of sloth and indolence


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Forgive - (memaafkan) :: He asked Russians to forgive him for his mistakes and failing to realize their dreams after the fall of the Soviet Union

Fork - (garpu) :: For now though its just an oncoming fork in the road nothing I can do about it as the entire process is entirely out of my hands

Form - (bentuk) :: human form

Formal - (rasmi) :: Mark mentally brushed up on the formal dinner etiquette he had learned at the various classes his parents had forced him to go to

Former - (bekas) :: If we are successful we can begin to restore this once majestic ancient woodland to its former glory


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Cumbersome - (rumit) :: And many people find it cumbersome to stop their routine to take their pulse

Curmudgeon - (orang kikir) :: We dont want householders to feel like curmudgeons which is why the posters wish callers an enjoyable night

Curtail - (mengurangkan) :: They leave behind deepening concerns for the health service renewed fury at the condition of the countrys schools outrage at curtailments on freedom of information and ambivalence over the position on Iraq

Cynical - (sinis) :: Many are cynical about democracy they say its a scam and that the real decisions arent taken in democratic institutions


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Inrush (inrush) :: It took a determined effort of will to head diagonally across its path instead of directly away from the inrushing sea but he reached safety before the water was no more than halfway up his rubber boots

Surrogate (tumpang) :: Not quite useful as measurements of scale they could be understood to serve as surrogates for her own presence in the cinema of daily life

Integrate (mengintegrasikan) :: This means that it must struggle to integrate fully its AfricanAmerican members as well as its new predominantly immigrant Hispanic members

Mislay (salah meletakkan) :: If your son or daughter has mislaid an item of clothing sportswear school uniform footwear etc please ask at Graun Park during opening hours

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